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Comparing HDPE Netting and Nylon Nets

When it comes to purchasing sports netting for baseball batting cages, backstops, golf nets, lacrosse backstops, or soccer backstop netting, it’s crucial to know exactly what you are investing in. The market is flooded with various netting materials, each touted as the best choice. Here at, we aim to provide a clear and concise comparison between two of the most popular options: HDPE Netting and Nylon Nets.

Understanding HDPE Netting

HDPE, or High-Density Polyethylene, is a type of plastic known for its significant strength-to-density ratio. However, its performance in netting is less than ideal, particularly in extreme weather conditions such as intense heat, dryness, or snow. With a burning point of 248 degrees Fahrenheit, HDPE might be a great material for plastic bottles and corrosion-resistant piping, but it falls short when it comes to sports netting. Applying treatments to HDPE netting can prolong its life, but this is akin to a temporary fix, merely extending the inevitable.

The Superiority of Nylon Nets

On the other hand, Nylon, a versatile material used in a variety of applications from clothing fabric to musical strings, presents a more robust option. With a melting point ranging from 374 to 664 degrees Fahrenheit, it is considerably more resilient than HDPE. Furthermore, Nylon’s softer texture makes it easier to handle and work with, ensuring a better overall user experience.

Why Choose Nylon Nets for Sports Applications

For facilities ranging from Major League to little league, the quality and durability of netting are paramount. While HDPE may initially seem like an attractive option due to its ‘High Density’ label and possibly lower price point, it is crucial to consider the long-term implications. Nylon nets offer a level of quality and durability that HDPE simply cannot match, ensuring that your investment is sound and long-lasting. proudly offers top-quality, custom-made Nylon nets, ensuring that you receive a product tailored to your specific needs at a competitive price. Our 100% Twisted-Knotted Nylon netting is a testament to our commitment to quality, and we guarantee that you won’t find a better deal on custom sports netting.


When it comes to sports netting, the choice between HDPE and Nylon is clear. Nylon’s durability, ease of use, and overall quality make it the ideal choice for any sporting application. At, we stand by our products and are dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your netting needs. Don’t settle for less – choose for high-quality Nylon nets at unbeatable prices.

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